Welcome to Sum Dezigns

Sum Dezigns is a one-stop Design & Execute Interior Decoration firm in Gurgaon.

We are a team of dedicated professionals ably led by Mrs Suman Raizada, an experienced interiors expert who is driven by passion for creating unique spaces and effects.

Interiors is our passion and we are constantly striving to come up with innovative concepts which render the designs affordable without compromising on parameters of both the feel and the aesthetics.

What?… Where?… & How much? are the three salient check points in arriving at PSD Concepts to be incorporated in designs. The optimization not only cuts on overspending but also enhances the overall impact of the end product

Sum Dezigns is in business of Transforming Spaces… converting buildings into warm and cozy homes!

Our Services

Turnkey ‘Design & Build’

We conceptualize, design and execute all works related to civil structure, finishings, electrical, plumbing, waterproofing etc. Turnkey services are our forte that reduce coordination issues between various traits.

Cost & Time Control

Time is money, so we are committed to provide high-quality workmanship and budget control on all projects. Whether your project is a commercial space or a home, we will ensure the best time and cost control.

Optimization of Spaces

Utilization of the space you already have can be a challenge. We will take your current space and make it better by maximizing its visual impact and aesthetics with no trade-offs.

Light & Shade Effects

  • Playing with concept of sun-n-shade wrt to natural and artificial lighting
  • Light balancing

Interior Works

We design and execute all interior works, viz joinery, wardrobes, floorings, dado, paneling, false ceilings etc. We work closely with you to achieve your desires, being economical and aesthetic at the same time.

Soft & Hard Furnishing

We supply soft furnishings and hard furnishings for every room of your home – from bedding, curtains and blinds through to dining tables, chairs, sofas and more.

Landscaping Services

Our hard & soft landscaping will help you create a beautiful outdoor living space. Whether you want to enhance your patio or garden with hardscape, or soften your outdoor space with plants and materials, we can help.

Artefacts and Decor

We take the stress out of home décor. We shortlist and source quality items that match both your requirements and budget, and help you simplify the process of  enhancing the aesthetic quotient of your home or office.

Our Work

We take the time to understand and listen to our clients’ needs and ideas so as to produce an outstanding and distinctive result.


Client Feedback

I just wanted to say that I am a very satisfied customer. The interior design services you provided were exceptional. You turned my living room and dining room into spectacular rooms. I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends.

Shivali Grover, Gurugram

We love our new kitchen, we are so happy with it! Thank you for making our dream a reality.

Nisha Ahluwalia, New Delhi

I can’t believe how awesome this design turned out. I’m so happy with how it looks and how easy you made it for me to get something that looked so amazing!

Aashita Agrawal, Noida